Friday, March 2, 2012

Wedding Time Capsules

Temple Wedding Time Capsules! Woohoo!

When I was 16, a junior in high school & a "Laurel" in my church's Young Women organization, we made a "Husband/Temple/Wedding Time Capsule"{whatever you want to call it!} and I absolutely loved it! Our leaders displayed their wedding dresses and provided all the necessary items to put into our #10 cans. I decided not to seal my capsule so that I could look at it from time to time to remind me of my goals of an eternal marriage to a worthy priesthood holder ...while others chose to seal their cans at the cannery & did not open them til they became engaged! 

After my husband and I became engaged we had a little picnic in my front yard and I showed him everything in the #10 can and read the letters I wrote to my "future husband" as well as the printed out Ensign articles on marriage. It was a great way to fuel the desire for a temple marriage & absolutely all the Young Women in my ward loved it! This was one of my all time favorite activities in Young Women's.

I have designed print outs to use for this Young Women's activity {a few pictured above} listed in my ETSY shop, They include...

-Outside cover for your #10 can
-Customizable activity invitation to "attend the reception" 
-List entitled, "Qualities to Develop in Myself"
-List entitled, "Qualities My Husband Must Have"
-Another list entitled, "My future Family" where the YW can list their future children's names
-Page where they can write about their future Wedding Plans
-Page to glue magazine/catalog cut outs of their future Wedding ring & dress

If insterested in the printables I created you can purchase them from my Shop by clicking on this link HERE

You can also include printed out talks in your temple time capsules such as...

"Divorce" April 2007
"Beware of Pride" May 1998  


A hand written letter to future husband, written testimony, a photograph of the YW, temple handkerchief and/or envelope as a symbol of purity, paint chips or fabric swatches in wedding colors...anything else meaningful & representative of the YW at the time! 

Hope you enjoy putting on this activity as much as I enjoyed being a part of it as a youth & now in designing these to share!



  1. Wow! I had no idea you were so talented Brittany! I'm going to have to get you some business in the Young Women's for sure with all this cute stuff you can do :)

  2. I did this when i was in young women and it was wonderful. They toild us to open it up when we got engaged later on.
    I did open mine up after i got engaged to my husband(fiancee at the time) and it was super cute. :)

  3. Is it possible to download these printables free?

  4. I'd love for you to email these printables. My email is We are doing this tomorrow and just found this today! Thanks so much... gave me ideas I hadn't thought of yet.

  5. Any chance you could email these printables to me?? I love them! My home email is Thanks :)

  6. I would also love these printables if they could be emailed?? My email is thank you! ! !

  7. Could you please email this all to me? I can't get it to work for me. I absolutely love this and thinking of using it for something we were going to do in June. I just found it totally answered my prayers. Thanks so much! My email is

  8. We did something like this for YW when I was a Laurel. My teachers had us fill out these preworded letters to our relatives asking them to write letters to us that we could open on our wedding day/engagement day. Many relatives sent letters, handkerchiefs they carried in the temple, pictures from their wedding days. When I opened mine I had letters from my great grandpa, who had passed on a few years before. I'll ever be grateful for my leaders dedication in gathering and packaging those letters for me.

  9. This is such a great youth group lesson for church. I love it. You can also buy decorative Wedding Time Capsules at These are so special and awesome.

  10. I would love a copy of this!!! I tried to purchase it on your Etsy store but the store is not operating. If you wouldn't mind emailing me I would appreciate it!

  11. I tried to download off of Etsy but it says it isn't available. Any chance I could buy directly from you? Payment through PayPal? Or laurels want tho do this on Wednesday this week. Thanks!