Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mustache Bash Little Man Themed Baby Shower

A few weekends ago a few friends and I put together a fun Mustache Bash Little Man Themed Baby Shower for our wonderful friend Susannah! {Who by the way has a wonderful lil craft blog & vinyl business right here!} 

I wanted to show you a few of the fun details so here they are... 

I love how the Little Man O'Brien print came out with the "eye glass" above the mustache...which Susannah tells me is actually called a "monocle"! {Susannah knew this word because she has some cute vinyl designs with mustaches and monocles in her this unexpected toilet decal mustache. Hehe! Love it!} 

I was curious so I just had to look it up by typing "single eye glass thingy proper name" in Google Search...Apparently it's a French word, from the Late Latin word monoculus, having one eye. 

We had a tasty pancake bar {pancakes unfortunately are missing from this pic} with bananas, berries, nuts, whipped cream, syrups and chocolate chips and the like. On another table we had orange juice, water and milk! Everything was super yummy!

& We enjoyed some elephant diaper cake to top it all off... 

K, no not really but isn't he cute?! Here is the  great no-roll diaper cake tutorial I used to make him! This quick and simple no-roll technique will save you tons of time compared to the traditional method of rolling each diaper and rubber banding each one. 

The party wasn't complete without mustaches on sticks for some fun pics! 

Thanks Susannah for letting us shower you! :) 

Seeing it all come together was a blast...I just love party planning. 
{Check out my Party & Gift Idea Pinterest Board for some more fun ideas!} 

Now all that is left is to meet Susannah's new little man!!!! Can't wait!

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  1. Such cute ideas I am giving a shower for my niece next month and really wanted something new. It seems like we do the same old games etc every time. Did u play any games? Any tips would be appreciated so glad I found this. My email is thanks so much you are so talented and sweet to share!