Monday, February 27, 2012

NEW Blog Redesigns

I would love to share a few blog redesigns I have been up to lately....

With this blog design we came up with a vintage yet modern feel with soft subdued colors and a fun lemon graphic. I designed a header and blog button along with the navigation bar with separate links to pages of Mary's choice. I loved working with Mary to put this together. She has a great eye for color and design. Her blog is really fun to read too! Check it out!

With classic polka dots with fun modern pops of color! This was a fun family blog to design.  

Michelle's beyogayou blog has a bright, bold and modern feel to it. I love her mantra that she included in it. be healthy, be kind, be peaceful, be loving, be you, be yoga! Follow her blog posts at

Let me know when I can help you with sprucing up your blog! 

everlovedesign @ gmail . com

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